My offer is for you, and no matter what type of birth you want - natural, a c-section section, or a home birth. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first child, or second. You can count on my support, which will be suited exactly for your needs.

Package nr 1
Package includes:

  • 2-3 prenatal visits;

  • attending the birth.

  • staying up to 2 hours after the birth

Package nr. 2

Package includes:

  • 2-3 prenatal visits;

  • attending the birth;

  • staying up to 2 hours after the birth;

  • 2 postpartum visits.

What do I offer during prenatal visits? (~ 2h)

We will talk about how do you see your birth (make a birth plan), and I will share my knowledge about how:

• the birth process,

• how your hormones work and what to do to prevent them from interfering.

• I will introduce you to relaxing breathing techniques,

• I will show you coping methods and variation of positions,

• I will explain what is visualization and how it works,

• I will also help to prepare a partner, 

• We will go over the basics of breastfeeding

• Postpartum period and how hospital policy looks here in Iceland.

At the last meeting before BIG DAY , I will delight you with a relaxing massage!

My presence during childbirth

By the fact that the date of birth has been set, I am ready to go at any time 24 hours a day to support you. Two weeks before and two weeks after due date, no matter what time of day - day or night. I'll be there when you call me. I will go to your chosen place and time, home or hospital.

During childbirth, I take care of your sense of security and comfort. I will listen to your wishes and follow them. I offer natural coping methods, which we have already discussed in prenatal visits.

At birth, if you want I can take some photos.

Before i leave (around 2h after baby is born) we set a next meeting!