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About me


 My name is Sindija, I am a wife and mom to three daughters. 

My decision to become a doula definitely didn't come in one day. Thoughts were piling together for a long time until one day I was able to describe in one word what I want to become (and what I have been for many, many years without realizing it).

I am childbirth and postpartum doula, and what fascinates me most about this job is that, how a woman prepares her mind and body for childbirth, so she finds the strength and faith to open up to the process. Or how a woman in her new mother role can determine what a baby needs most at this very moment. Sometimes mom needs support, or it's enough to tell her how great she is doing, 
to help trust herself.

Iceland is my home since the 2012 year.  I really like floristry and flowers, totally love to read books and recommend others to read more! I'm enjoying traveling alone because I believe this is the best way to keep my mind open and calm.

My childbirth experience -
I had a planned c-section section with my first daughter. I felt strongly the stumbling blocks of the Latvian system when I was alone and scared in the surgery room. No loved one could stand by and hold my hand.
With the second daughter, there was no indication for C-section, so I had a great opportunity to be on the other side, to be in the care of a doula in childbirth. It was a fantastic experience, all my worries were gone, my husband felt much more secure. I felt like I had a support team!
 The third birth was so fast, that we almost didn't make it to the hospital!

Now I believe that with the touch of faith and the power of a good word.  Just make sure that new mothers are paying attention to their feelings and listening to their instincts.

Professional education

Childbirth doula certification (2017)

  •  Workshop in Iceland Dona International 

Paramana doula course (2017)

  • Participated in intense session for Birth Attendants Dr.Michel Odent ; Liliana Lemmers


  • The microbiome of baby and mother


  • By midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda

  • Diet/Labour/Rebozo


  • Breast milk scientific: ''Understanding HMOs''

Postpartum doula certification (2017)

  • Workshop in Iceland Dona International

Basic of childcare (nanny course)

  • Training centre Dija(2016) Latvia

First aid and safety for kids

  • Training centre Dija (2016) Latvia

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